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Overview About Legal Profession

The Legal profession is responsible for the judicial branch of the governmental body. This target group studies legislation and applies it. For most professions in this profession it's necessary to have an academic level of education. The profession includes lawyers and judges, but also managers or bodies dealing with legal matters.

What is earned in the legal profession?

The salaries in this target group depend on the position of the person. A messenger or secretary in the legal sector has a low status and thus salary. A lawyer or judge earns very good. From such positions one can climb even higher, so that depending on the specialization you can earn a lot per month.

What types of companies do they hire in the Legal sector?

Much of the job offers for law professionals come from law firms (small, medium and large), notary's offices and courts.

Then there are the in-house legal departments of public administrations, businesses and society - particularly in highly regulated economic sectors such as banks, the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies.

Law experts are also employed in patent offices and companies specializing in the protection of intellectual property and copyright, in tax consultancy companies, in companies that offer legal support for a specific market niche.

Legal - Job prospects

The employment prospects for law experts are positive. In particular, there are some skills that allow a good chance of career in the legal world: for example in the field of real estate law, the family law, the health law, the intellectual property or immigration law.

Even the legal advice with regard to cyber security is a growing industry, highly innovative: because of the extreme rapidity of information technology development, including its evolving legislation to regulate all new applications - for example as regards legislation on privacy and the protection of personal data, or on copyright in digital media.

In addition, an increasing number of companies are looking for staff for the internal legal department, as more and more often it's preferred to entrust the management of legal affairs to in-house professionals with corporate awareness ( commercial awareness ).

Those who work in the legal department of a company have a clear and informed view on the business and on the legal sectors most relevant to the activity, and this allows them to limit the use of external consultants to individual cases in which it's essential to make use of the professional contribution of highly specialized figures.

What skills are needed for the Legal career?

To be able to successfully pursue a career in the field of Law, you need these skills:


Ability in written and oral communication is essential for law professionals. They have to be good speakers to be convincing, to be able to explain the legal complexities in simple language for those unfamiliar with the technicalities to understand, and to speak confidently in public. The skills in written communication are equally useful, to interpret and produce legal documentation in a formally flawless way.

Organizational and management skills

The professions in the law sector are demanding: they require you to search, analyze and interpret a large number of very complex information in order to draw conclusions. All while managing multiple cases at the same time, as new deadlines approach each day, priorities change and update. It's therefore necessary to possess particularly developed organizational skills to be able to carry out one's duties efficiently.

Research skills

For professionals in the legal area it's very important to have research skills: it's in fact central to trace precedents, regulations of interest, specific codes, relevant judicial opinions. This type of research involves specific methods and tools, which legal professionals must know and know how to use appropriately.

Examples for legal careers are:

  • Lawyer
  • Lawyer Employment Law
  • Lawyer Contract law
  • Lawyer Competition law
  • Lawyer Employee Insolvency Law
  • Lawyer Criminal Law
  • Advocate General at the Supreme Court
  • Attorney General at the Public Prosecution Service
  • Company lawyer
  • Investment specialist
  • Spatial Planning Policy Officer
  • Mediation employee
  • Receiver
  • Messenger at a court
  • Client Advisor
  • Compliance Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Conflict mediator
  • Crime analyst
  • Criminologist
  • Curator
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Director-General Ministry
  • Private law teacher
  • Law teacher
  • Expat adviser
  • Fraud coordinator
  • Court prosecutor
  • Bailiff
  • Justice Secretary
  • Prison Director
  • Family guardian
  • Registrar with the Judiciary
  • Collection employee
  • Internet investigator
  • Youth reclassifier
  • Legal Advisor Telecommunications
  • Legal Officer
  • Legal Secretary
  • Employment Lawyer

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