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The occupations in IT or software development are focused on the development of computer systems, hardware or software, in order to generate new information technology and unique (web) content. IT is more focused on business, the infrastructure of technology, while software development is more focused on content, creating innovative programs or websites. A profound knowledge of programming and computers is the most important requirement for this profession.

What is earned in the IT and software development profession?

The salaries in this profession by the rapid developments in the sector rather fluctuating but generally between good and very good, depending on the status of a function. Successful developers can of course expect a higher salary .

What types of companies do they hire in the Information Technology sector?

First of all there are companies specializing in IT services, software and hardware: from multinationals to small companies. For example, software houses, companies that deal with the management and control of corporate data centers, companies specializing in cloud computing and networking services, IT consulting companies and web agencies.

But also video game producers and companies that offer online services: search engines, social networks, instant messaging programs, e-mails, platforms for online advertising and e-commerce, hosting services.

In addition to real IT companies, an IT professional can find work in companies of all kinds, as an employee or as a freelance IT consultant - and take care, for example, of the design and management of IT projects ( IT Project Management ).

Virtually every company makes use of information technology, in the most disparate fields: in marketing, sales, logistics, scientific research, design, production, finance...

Then there are companies and organizations that control large amounts of data and use IT services in a massive way, such as banks, large industrial production plants, the health sector, government bodies. These realities therefore need an internal team for the management of IT networks and company information services.

Information Technology - Job prospects

Information technology is at the origin of the technological and digital transformation that has revolutionized our daily life: just think of the internet, social media, e-commerce.

It's a sector at the frontier of innovation, where knowledge becomes obsolete in a short time and where new skills are always needed. Also for this reason, companies find a widespread lack of qualified profiles, while the number of job offers for IT professionals is constantly increasing.

The career prospects in the IT sector are therefore very good, also considering the rapid development of new IT applications in many fields: from home automation to wearable technology, from IoT ( Internet of Things ) to cloud computing, from virtual and augmented reality. to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What skills are needed for the Information Technology career?

Each position in the IT field requires specific knowledge, by the database to the user interface design (UI, User Interface ), passing for information security.

However, there are skills transversal to many of the IT professions, here are what they are:

Programming languages

Each software, ie each program to be run by a computer or machine, is written in a specific programming language. There are many languages: some of the best known are Java, C #, C ++,. NET, JavaScript, Python, COBOL, PHP, Ruby. Depending on the duties to be performed, a computer scientist must know one or more programming languages, markup and scripting languages, as well as frameworks, libraries and DBMS ( Database Management System ).


Most IT professionals must be able to solve problems and malfunctions in IT systems: troubleshooting indicates the process of researching the causes of a problem, using analysis and diagnostic tools, up to its resolution. When referring specifically to software architecture and development, this activity is called debugging.

Propensity to update

IT professionals are among the most advanced in the labor market in terms of knowledge and skills. The landscape in which these professionals operate is constantly evolving, and to remain competitive it's essential to quickly acquire new skills and continually update.

Examples for IT and software development careers are:

  • .NET Developer
  • 3d draftsman
  • Android Developer
  • App Developer
  • Application Specialist
  • Application manager
  • Application designer
  • Application developer
  • Application Designer
  • App developer
  • Automation employee
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Architect
  • Business Process Designer
  • C plus plus Developer
  • CCTV technician
  • Citrix Specialist
  • Content Manager
  • Cryptologist
  • Cyber ​​Security Specialist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data-analist
  • Database Administrator
  • Database manager
  • Directeur ICT
  • Directeur IT
  • Embedded Engineer
  • Ergonoom
  • Functioneel Beheerder
  • Game Developer
  • Gamedesigner
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Hoofd Automatisering
  • Hoofd Planning
  • HTML Specialist
  • ICT Specialist
  • ICT Specialist AIVD
  • ICT Supportmedewerker
  • ICT-consultant
  • Implementation manager
  • Industrieel Ontwerper
  • Information Security Manager
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