International Relations Career


Overview About International Relations Career

The International Relations career allows generating policies to improve communications and the welfare of states and their societies.

The professional in International Relations is the intermediary that transmits the political ideas of one nation towards another, has knowledge about the internal economy and social development, recognizes international treaties between countries and designs and carries out an agenda in cultural, educational and cultural aspects. on government issues.

The International Relations career prepares graduates to deal with environmental conflicts, drug trafficking networks and the fight for respect for human resources, analyzes and creates scenarios that are best suited as a solution to international problems and is responsible for executing the foreign policy according to laws and legal regulations. He works in embassies and international consulates in foreign countries.

The study of International Relations encourages activities to represent a country, is supported by legal processes, seeks solutions to conflicts between nations, designs strategies for crisis situations and allows consulting as a private consultant in case of being consulted.

It's a long-term career, requires a lot of reading of material related to the national and international, improves oral expression and allows to know the history of wars, the diversity of cultures and the world economy.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying International Relations

The advantages are:

- Extensive work output from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to teaching at universities.
- Possibility of working in the private sector as a consultant.
- Perfect oral and written communication.
- Opportunity to represent my country in foreign lands.
- Good economic remuneration

The disadvantages are:

- Situations of pressure at the international level.
- It requires a high level of knowledge in legal and historical matters.
- A lot of job competition
- It requires a good presence at an aesthetic level.
- Career oriented to those who love politics.

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