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Installation, Maintenance & Repair Career

In this article you'll find information about the installation, maintenance & repair career, read it to get more knowledge about this business field.
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This profession is all about facilities and equipment. People working in this profession are responsible for installing certain facilities, such as boilers, electricity, or kitchens, or for the maintenance or repair of the equipment that has already been installed. When repairing, one can also think of computers or equipment that doesn't have to be literally installed, but can sometimes use a repairman.

What is earned in the installation, maintenance & repair profession?

In general, earnings are modal in this profession; high salaries aren't encountered here.

Examples for installation, maintenance & repair careers are:

  • Aftersales Engineer
  • MOT judge
  • Assembly employee
  • Assistant Facility Affairs
  • Assistant Mobility Industry
  • Audio-visual technician
  • Car damage repair
  • Car technician
  • Tire fitter
  • Commercial vehicle fitter
  • Belader
  • Berger
  • Control engineer
  • Concrete repairer
  • Security engineer
  • Passenger
  • Tree expert
  • Tree caretaker
  • Butler
  • Driver Agricultural machinery
  • Chef Workplace
  • Civil engineer
  • Concierge / Chief Concierge
  • Constructor-installer Agricultural machinery
  • Roofer
  • Driller
  • First Car Engineer
  • Electrician
  • Building manager
  • Toolmaker
  • Facade fitter
  • Facade cleaner
  • Facade renovator
  • Glass grinder
  • Fiber optic engineer
  • Window washer
  • Ground Engineer
  • Forklift mechanic

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