Industrial Security Career


Overview About Industrial Security Career

The career in Industrial Security (Safety) helps in the care of workers to prevent injuries by respecting safety standards .

The Industrial Safety training prepares professionals with the aim of raising awareness among workers about the health risks and safety hazards of each job in business environments.

The graduate can design action plans to minimize and prevent risks, ensure compliance with safety procedures and improve the conditions and quality of work of employees

The professional in Industrial Safety is responsible for managing and controlling the workspaces so that they are qualified and under compliance with the law, provides talks and trainings to help workers, manages to prevent accidents, knows labor rights and those who Add each company and evaluate when it's convenient to implement the action plans.

The course lasts four years, requires a lot of reading to have knowledge of legal rules and procedures and allows working in the public or private sector.

The main function of a professional in Industrial Safety is to transform each place in a safe environment to avoid accidents or health problems in both workers and senior management.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Industrial Security/Safety

The advantages are:

- Extensive work output.
- Good economic remuneration
- Possibility of working in the public or private sector.
- The career teaches techniques and skills to improve the working conditions of workers.
- Knowledge of legal procedures and worker's rights.

The disadvantages:

- A lot of job competition
- Great responsibility to guarantee work places.
- It requires a lot of reading to stay updated on legal matters.
- It requires a good and clear oral expression.
- Long-term career

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