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Human Resources Career

The Human Resources career allows to connect the success of a company with the quality of work life of its workers.

The Human Resources Professional is the one who transmitted the word of the company to its employees in order to know how they feel in their jobs and what they need to improve their performance.

The graduate in Human Resources is a person with a great capacity for oral and written communication, encourages the relationship between internal sectors of a company, inquires about the most requested benefits, prevents labor conflicts before moving to the legal plane and knows the rules and administrative and economic procedures.

The study of Human Resources teaches methods and skills to conduct interviews, select the most appropriate personnel for a job, coordinate training to increase employee knowledge, respect workers' rights, analyze which are the incentives that could improve the success of a company, advise new employees during their first days and manage the payment of salaries during the corresponding date.

The race is oriented towards people with the intention of helping workers in their dealings with a company, with the ability to lead teams and communicate news both positive and negative, of great character, with empathy knowledge and with an analytical mind to listen to the employees.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of studying Human Resources are:

- To be the link of the workers and the company.
- Possibility of working in the public and private sector.
- Improves the ability of oral and written expression.
- Knowledge of legal norms related to workers' rights.
- It's a career that's based on dealing with people.

The disadvantages of the race are:

- It's a career that demands a lot of reading.
- Situations of tension and stress for different opinions of workers.
- Sometimes the word of the company must be transmitted despite not agreeing.
- The curriculum has many correlates.
- It requires many hours of work with employees and the top management of a company.

Popular positions in the area of ​​Personnel Management and Human Resources

- Employment agent
- Personal management analyst
- Analyst work climate
- Human resources analyst
- Recruitment analyst
- Human Resources Advisor
- Recruitment Assistant
- Human Resources Assistant
- Human capital coordinator
- Recruitment coordinator
- HR Coordinator
- HR director
- Recruitment executive
- Human resources manager
- Head of human resources
- Personal boss
- Head recruiting
- Human resources manager
- Human resources manager
- Responsible selection
- Human Resources Supervisor
- Technical in human resources
- Technician in labor relations
- Labor technician

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