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The Hospitality study allows to learn skills and methods to improve the quality of the service, taking into account the different cultures of tourists. The career offers the opportunity to work in other countries, to know habits and traditions of society, to perfect the languages ​​and to achieve the advantages generated by multitasking people.

The Hospitality career brings together the attention to the public, the handling of languages, management and administration over different cultures .

The professional acquires knowledge of his place of origin, of the spaces most visited by tourists and those regions with a great natural wealth at an ecological level. They are people with multitasking ability, with a proactive attitude towards the fulfillment of the objectives, who can also perform in Marketing, in the sales sector, human resources management and the provision of food.

The career of Hospitality encourages personal growth, an increase in social communication, demands responsibility and commitment in the workplace and requires following a series of standards in all areas within their reach.

The graduate, as manager can manage and coordinate teams, participate in international events in hotels, understand the needs of each client and improve their ways of communicating.

What types of companies do they hire in the Hospitality sector?

For most of the employees, working in the Hospitality sector means finding employment in hotels and hotel facilities that provide rooms and beds for tourists.

The accommodation system, however, is also composed of other realities that deal with hosting tourists and travelers: farmhouses, tourist villages, bed & breakfasts, campsites, hostels.

All the companies that deal with the organization of tourist packages and the management of reservation systems ( booking ), or the specialized activities in reception services and assistance to tourists, are also part of the Tourist-Hotel sector: travel agencies, tour operators, territorial tourism promotion bodies.

Hospitality - Job prospects

There are good employment and career opportunities in the Hospitality sector, considering the large number of hospitality and tourism service businesses.

Globally, the sector is growing and evolving: thanks to the ease of travel, low cost solutions, the spread of online booking services, the number of tourists is increasing, giving a strong boost to the sector and employment prospects. Tourist destinations and consequently competitiveness are also increasing, which forces companies to evolve to meet the needs of new travelers.

In recent years, new professions have also emerged to the classic professional figures such as that of the tourist entertainer and the Receptionist of hotels, the pivot of hospitality and always in great demand in the hospitality and hotel sector: for example the Travel Designer or the expert in tourism experiential, sustainable and responsible tourism, cultural tourism, tourism food and wine, able to create unique itineraries and build for travelers to experience exciting and unforgettable holiday. Another emerging figure in the hôtellerie is the Revenue / Pricing Manager, which has the task of adapting room rates through online booking services and the use of modern management software for tourism, with the aim of maximizing turnover and matching supply and demand in the most efficient way possible.

Finally, the hotel and tourism sector is open to innovation and ready to exploit the full potential of the internet and social media. There are several job offers in which professionals are sought who are able to develop and implement tourism web marketing strategies aimed at promoting a structure or a location, all activities that require highly specialized preparation and constant updating.

What skills are needed for the Hospitality career?

The main objective of an operator in the Hospitality sector is the satisfaction of guests and visitors: guaranteeing high-level service quality standards allows tourists to be offered a pleasant experience during their trip and during their stay.

For this reason, the most sought after skills in tourism are:

Attention to the customer

Tourists today are more informed and demanding, and the staff who welcome and follow them must always be courteous and available to answer their questions. Communication skills must be adapted to the client's needs, to provide a quality tourist service, in line with industry standards.

Knowledge of foreign languages

To communicate with tourists, often foreigners, knowledge of languages ​​is an essential requirement, expressly requested in many job advertisements in the Hospitality sector.

Satisfactory management of any inefficiencies

The ability to promptly resolve problems or errors with respect to what was agreed at the time of booking - " problem solving " - is certainly one of the essential skills in the Hotel Tourism sector. Managing disservices and guest complaints in a professional and polite way is crucial both to not fail to meet customer expectations, and to protect the brand reputation and avoid negative reviews on the web.

Examples for hospitality careers are:

- Cruise Ship Attendant
- Gaming Dealer
- Guest Relations Manager
- Guest Services Associate
- Guest Services Supervisor
- Hotel Clerk
- Hotel Receptionist
- Reservationist
- Reservations Agent
- Sous Chef
- Events Manager
- Executive Conference Manager
- Executive Meeting Manager
- Meeting and Convention Planner
- Meeting Coordinator
- Meeting Manager
- Meeting Planner
- Meeting Specialist
- Special Events Manager
- Wedding Coordinator
- Group Sales Manager
- Guest Room Sales Manager
- Hotel Manager
- Lodging Manager
- Sales and Marketing Manager
- Shift Leader
- Shift Manager
- Spa Manager
- Wedding Sales Manager
- Back Office Assistant
- Catering Sales Manager
- Director of Hotel Sales
- Director of Marketing and Sales
- Front Desk Associate
- Front Desk Supervisor
- Front Office Attendant
- Front of House Manager
- Cafe Manager
- Catering Manager
- Chef
- Cook
- Food and Beverage Manager
- Kitchen Manager
- Pastry Chef
- Restaurant Manager

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