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The Healthcare profession comprises all professions that are at the service of human health, both on a scientific and practical level. It concerns both people who do research, for example into diseases, physical processes or blood counts, and people who are in direct contact with patients, and who help to support or improve those patients. This is possible on multiple levels.

What is earned in the healthcare profession?

The level of the salaries is determined by the study program. A specialist has done a fairly long study. In addition, the specialist must constantly develop to stay up to date with the latest techniques.

Examples for healthcare careers are:

  • Merchant
  • Activity supervisor
  • Acupuncturist
  • Adaptation advisor
  • Slimming consultant
  • Alpha help
  • Ambulance driver
  • Ambulance employee
  • Andrologist
  • Anesthesia assistant
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist's assistant
  • Work and / or Organizational Psychologist
  • Occupational hygienist
  • Health and safety advisor
  • Health and safety psychologist
  • Aromatherapist
  • Physician Assistant Anesthesiology
  • Physician Assistant Cardiology
  • Physician Assistant Dermatology
  • Physician Assistant Gastro Enterology
  • Physician Assistant Gynecology
  • Doctor Assistant Surgery
  • Physician Assistant Internal Medicine
  • Doctor Assistant Oral Surgery
  • Doctor Assistant Pediatrics
  • Doctor Assistant Clinical Geriatrics
  • Physician Assistant ENT
  • Physician Assistant Lung Department
  • Physician Assistant Gastrointestinal Liver Diseases
  • Physician Assistant Neurology
  • Doctor Assistant Nuclear medicine
  • Physician Assistant Oncology
  • Doctor Assistant Ophthalmology
  • Doctor Assistant Orthopedics

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