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The administration of health services is a novel tool that has become very important for the proper care of patients and with those activities related to health.

What is the administration of health services and what is a graduate of this career?

Like other administrative specialties, the administration of health services is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling public or private companies that offer health services of any kind . In this sense, health service administrators have the responsibility to ensure that these companies operate correctly and offer quality services to their clients or patients.

The health service managers have trained multidisciplinary enabling them to optimize human, material, financial, technological resources and knowledge related to any company in the health sector . That's why their work is very important because the proper functioning of any health entity depends on them.

Applicants for this career must be interested in administration in general and in health services in particular . Regarding the labor field, health service administrators usually work in the management or directive of some health institution, so they have the possibility of developing in medical and dental clinics, insurance companies, clinical laboratories, health centers, hospitals or in institutes or government agencies related to social security or health.

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