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Overview About Geology Career

Geology is the science that investigates planet earth to maintain, care for and distribute available resources.

The study of Geology has the objective of training professionals with the ability to analyze the structure of the planet, what elements allow its existence, which gave its origin, how it behaves in different chemical 7 and physical processes and how it evolved over time. The Geologist investigates the layers of the Earth's crust, the changes in the rocks and all the material that allows to anticipate events such as earthquakes.

The investigations of a professional never finish because the Geology doesn't have static characteristics and every day there are changes in the terrain, floods and erupting volcanoes, among other events. One of the goals of Geologists is to anticipate this type of situation to prevent society. Study the movement of the seas and the atmosphere and it requires a lot of time to collect data for interpretation. The Geologist creates reports and maps after interpreting his investigations, measuring the seismic, gravity, thermal and heat forces, and magnetic forces that surround the earth. He develops his work in laboratories with specific technologies for the analysis of results and can work in companies related to natural resources, in consultancies and universities.

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