Genetics Career


Overview About Genetics Career

The aim of Genetics is to train professionals to scientifically analyze the hereditary factors of human beings.

The study of Genetics provides the necessary knowledge to develop tasks of diagnosis, prevention actions and analysis of possible hereditary diseases in the population. The scientist specialized in Genetics seeks to increase in quantity and quality the productions related to a plant or animal origin, is involved in research to solve the genetic effects, carries out biological analysis of living beings and continuously increases their levels of knowledge.

The scientist in Genetics integrates teams of professionals to advise in technical areas and specialized in hospitals and health spaces, both public and private. The graduate creates designs and manages the control of the various genetic processes in laboratories, modernizes their research according to the latest technologies and seeks to convey whether or not it's feasible that genetic consequences occur in humans taking into account their place of origin and context family.

The professional carries out his research and experiments in the biotechnology industry or acts in university teaching teams. It's usually an extensive career and requires many resources to meet its objectives.

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