Gastronomy Career


Overview About Gastronomy Career

Gastronomy can be a culinary art for its purpose of studying new ingredients and forms of food preparation, according to the characteristics of each culture in particular.

Among the main functions of the professional is the management of restaurants and catering companies in events and the ability to interpret the current market to take advantage of the opportunities of the gastronomic world.

The graduate will work in dynamic jobs, with team decisions and constant changes that move away from a possible daily routine. It requires movement and a continuous interaction between the staff, the curriculum expands the creativity to innovate and try new dishes with a unique style and personal prestige will increase with the progress of our steps.

The professional Chef assumes a commitment from his work in the kitchen, learns new languages ​​to get closer to the cultures that surround the gastronomy and can develop his work in restaurants, cruises around the world, hotels, act as chef of cooks or carry out a independent business. The course allows you to have the opportunity to travel and find a working space in the international arena. It usually lasts between 3 and 4 years, but requires constant practice to remember and perfect the cooking of food.

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