Foreign Trade Career


Overview About Foreign Trade Career

Foreign trade is the ideal career for those interested in the global economy and international markets. Here we give you the keys so you know what it's about.

What does a Foreign Trade graduate do?

All commercial transactions that take place between countries or between regions enter the universe of foreign trade. It's not only about evaluating purely economic aspects, but also about building, step by step, the process by which countries do business and exchange goods and services.

Foreign trade covers the economic, political and logistical aspect of these transactions. It has existed since time immemorial, since historically no country or empire has been self-sufficient. That's why we always need the tools offered by foreign trade, which make possible the exchange between nations.

The graduates of the career of foreign trade can perform their professional work in various fields, the public sector and the private . They can work in the customs area, the very epicenter that controls and regulates all the operations of international merchandise traffic, as a customs broker or agent . You can participate as a manager and planner of delivery and dispatch of merchandise; develop statistics and keep accounts of commercial operations to make them more efficient and productive.

In the private sector, the graduate works within the foreign trade departments of small and medium companies and also multinationals, dedicating himself to the opening of new markets and the search for business opportunities. Some technicians or graduates in foreign trade work as advisers in the financial sector, in banks or in international financial organizations.

What tasks does a Foreign Trade specialist perform in his work?

- A specialist in Foreign Trade, can perform various tasks, such as: control of daily stock and analyze the costs of logistics, suppliers and provide an international logistics tracking of different loads.
- Prepare models of merchandise orders, perform tasks of price control of merchandise entered into a company.
- Carry out the data survey of new suppliers to evaluate purchase possibilities and their corresponding tariffs.
- Review the balances of the different providers and prepare the payment plans.
- Design the negotiation strategy with suppliers.

The foreign trade professional has everything related to exports and imports in his area of ‚Äč‚Äčcompetence and is qualified to work in the whole process, from logistics, transportation and merchandise classification, to research, the compilation of statistics and business plans. Your work is of vital importance for countries and modern and future societies.

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