Financial Analysis Career


Overview About Financial Analysis Career

The Financial Analysis career provides theoretical and practical knowledge about the finances of a company.

During the path a student goes through to become a professional, he acquires tools to adapt to the financial world and learns techniques to insert himself into the labor market.

The analysis of investments, the profitability of a company, recognizing how the financial market is to assess what risks to take, the design and implementation of business models and guidance in decision making are some of the tasks of a Financial Analyst

The Financial Analysis is for people who are comfortable handling numbers, balances, investments and managing a company's budget or to carry out a personal endeavor.

The skills of a good Financial Analyst can reach an international level, being a person whose decisions optimize the available resources of a project in the short and long term.

The main sectors of work of a Financial Analyst are companies related to the stock market, investment funds, consulting companies or information providers related to the economy and State Secretariats, in the case of work in the public area.

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