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The Finance career provides tools to use the available economic resources with responsibility and commitment. Money management is a fundamental step to maintain and adapt to changes in the global economy and to be active in markets.

Finance professionals have the skills and knowledge to manage the money of an individual, a company or the State. Your task is possible through financial and accounting systems, respecting the laws and regulations that surround a project.

A financier manages the available funds, discovers new opportunities for his strategic vision of the business, evaluates the risks of taking different alternatives and analyzes if a project is profitable. To carry out this objective, define budgets, know the flow of funds, possible investments, fixed assets and the management of liabilities such as debts to be paid.

The finance professional develops his work in private commercial or service companies, in public institutions to manage the capital of the State, in insurance companies, the stock exchange, in companies in charge of anticipating risks, in trade unions and in financial consultancies.

The career is 5 years long and is designed for entrepreneurs, sociable and with the character to make decisions related to the economy of the business.

What types of companies do they hire in the finance sector?

Among the companies in the Finance sector there are first of all banks - commercial banking groups and investment banks - which offer asset management and asset management services.

They are part of the industry also credit card companies, the insurance companies, the company's trading and investment, businesses that offer consumer credit, the financial intermediaries, the stock traders, the investment funds.

Then there are government organizations such as central banks, supervisory authorities, regulatory agencies, statistical institutes and other financial institutions.

Furthermore, graduates in Finance can join various financial consulting firms, also active at an international level, without forgetting the job offers in the Finance sector coming from the economic-financial area of ​​companies, multinationals, public organizations and banking groups.

Finance - Job prospects

Graduates in Economics and Finance can go on to cover various functions in banks, companies or as freelancers. The professions in the Finance sector are among the best paid in the business world, and offer interesting career prospects.

Among the most significant trends affecting the financial sector is digitization and technology applied to finance ( Fintech ): for example, technologies for carrying out remote transactions, digital and mobile payment systems, artificial intelligence applications for trading..

There are therefore excellent employment prospects for Finance professionals with strong statistical and IT skills, able to work with data: among the most sought after figures are developers, Business Analysts, and Data Scientists for the financial sector.

In addition to technology, which allows to optimize processes and reduce costs, in order to innovate and remain competitive, banks and other financial operators are committed to improving relations with customers and providing increasingly personalized services. Even in the future, therefore, the role of people in financial services remains fundamental: in particular in supporting customers for the most complex needs and in risk management, where human intervention integrates analyzes made using algorithms, in view of financial decisions.

The classic figure of the bank employee, for example, is moving away from the simple role of counter operator and cashier to become a more consultative figure, able to offer adequate support to the financial needs of customers and thus increase customer satisfaction.

What skills are needed for the Finance career?

To work in Finance, the skills required are mainly:

Expertise in financial analysis

The ability to carry out corporate finance analysis and financial system controls is essential for sector operators. It's necessary to know how to collect and read data on company balance sheets, analyze balance sheet and financial situations, do market research, develop company valuation models and interpret stock market trends.

Asset management

The ability to choose the asset allocation in an investment portfolio and to direct the client or company towards the best investment opportunities is a strategic skill in the Finance sector. The goal is to enhance assets and make them grow over time, thanks to a global vision of the markets and specific knowledge on risks compared to expected returns.

Ability to measure and manage financial risks

This expertise translates into activities such as risk determination and simulation of financial market scenarios (using software and statistical analysis tools), to estimate the possibility of losses and profits and the probability with which they may occur. Thanks to this information, it's possible to manage the financial risk and take the necessary actions to keep it around the desired levels.

Essential requirements for all positions in the Finance sector are then: familiarity with the main IT applications and software and problem solving skills, combined with specific knowledge of one's role.

Popular careers in the Finance area:

- Administrative sales
- Financial agent
- Cost analyst
- Quotes analyst
- Credit analyst
- Statistician Analyst
- Financial analyst
- Financial analyst business
- Finance analyst
- Management analyst
- Business analyst
- Price analyst
- Financial advisor
- Business advisor
- Finance Assistant
- Business consultant
- Business developer
- Economist
- Financial business executive
- Financial executive
- Executive financial services
- Financial products specialist
- Financial
- Finance manager
- Financial promoter
- Financial administrative officer
- Financial manager
- Treasury responsible

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