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Finance Career

The Finance career provides tools to use the available economic resources with responsibility and commitment. Money management is a fundamental step to maintain and adapt to changes in the global economy and to be active in markets.

Finance professionals have the skills and knowledge to manage the money of an individual, a company or the State. Your task is possible through financial and accounting systems, respecting the laws and regulations that surround a project.

A financier manages the available funds, discovers new opportunities for his strategic vision of the business, evaluates the risks of taking different alternatives and analyzes if a project is profitable. To carry out this objective, define budgets, know the flow of funds, possible investments, fixed assets and the management of liabilities such as debts to be paid.

The finance professional develops his work in private commercial or service companies, in public institutions to manage the capital of the State, in insurance companies, the stock exchange, in companies in charge of anticipating risks, in trade unions and in financial consultancies.

The career is 5 years long and is designed for entrepreneurs, sociable and with the character to make decisions related to the economy of the business.

Popular positions in the Finance area:

- Administrative sales
- Financial agent
- Cost analyst
- Quotes analyst
- Credit analyst
- Statistician Analyst
- Financial analyst
- Financial analyst business
- Finance analyst
- Management analyst
- Business analyst
- Price analyst
- Financial advisor
- Business advisor
- Finance Assistant
- Business consultant
- Business developer
- Economist
- Financial business executive
- Financial executive
- Executive financial services
- Financial products specialist
- Financial
- Finance manager
- Financial promoter
- Financial administrative officer
- Financial manager
- Treasury responsible

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