Facility Services Career


The Facility Services group concerns the professions involved in the decoration, management and care of buildings and organizations. For example, there is a catering department within facility management that prepares and / or serves food and drinks. This can be in your own company, such as in the hospitality industry, but also on a project basis for various organizations. But we also find other functions within facility management, such as caretakers and cleaners.

What is earned in the facility services profession?

The salaries within this profession are generally a lot lower than the average income. This is partly because you don't need specific training for most positions within this sector. There are also many part-timers working in this sector, for example cleaning office buildings as a side job or having a holiday job as a catering employee.

Examples for facility services careers are:

  • Dishwasher
  • Ambulance driver
  • Assistant Facility Affairs
  • Barista
  • Operating Employee
  • Hospitality manager
  • Butler
  • Neighborhood Concierge
  • Catering employee
  • Croupier
  • Facility Manager
  • Facilities employee
  • Floormanager Slot Machines
  • Floor manager Table games
  • Building manager
  • Trade correspondent
  • Catering Assistant
  • Assistant cook
  • Interior caretaker
  • Cashier
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Quality coordinator
  • Cleaning Inspector Quality
  • Managerial Hostess
  • Light sailor
  • Housekeeping employee
  • Employee Domestic Service
  • Employee gas station
  • Employee Text Processing
  • Employee laundry
  • Object leader
  • Maintenance employee
  • Education Maintenance Officer
  • Calling power
  • Personal Assistant
  • Property Manager
  • Cleaner
  • Chimney sweep
  • Service Desk employee
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