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Overview About Event Organization Career

The event organization career aims to plan and execute meetings, contests, parties, congresses, weddings, etc ... The event organizer is in charge of all the details of these celebrations, he is in charge of negotiating with the companies, which will distribute what is necessary for the events, are also responsible for finding and booking accommodation and travel for guests if necessary, always within the budget allowed. In short, they are concerned that the event unfolds without problems and that everything is planned as he has arranged.

A good event organizer must be, essentially, skillful, since it has to be very effective handling each and every one of the situations, details and moments of the event, besides that if an unforeseen event happens it's obliged to act quickly; he must be ingenious, because he has to find the best way to invest time, resources and, of course, the budget he has; it must be positive, in this way it transmits its smile and patience to others, so when something happens that's out of the way, think that it can be overcome; He also has to be attentive and observant, since he must be alert to everything that's lived and, obviously, to the public, before, during and after the events, he has to know how to interpret the participants of the celebration, listen to each and every one of the opinions, observe the faces of the guests, etc ...; and finally,

An event organizer always has to be prepared, because no evening passes without problems, for this reason you should always have a "plan B", adding that, without exceptions it must be punctual to make sure everything is arranged in the right way, he must also be permanently ready to help where needed or to replace an employee who is absent. And of course, invariably, it's your duty to stay until the end to be able to make sure that every detail of the cleaning, the catering, the layout of the site, etc ... is finished.

Likewise, it has to be commented that in the organization of events there are many areas where one can specialize. Each student should specialize in one particular, but, of course, that depends on where you want to work, if you live in a big city, you can focus on weddings, charity events, grand openings, awards ceremonies., corporate meals, or some other type of celebration, so everyone will know who to call. But if you live in a town or in a medium-sized city you have to know how to do a bit of everything in general or choose a comprehensive category that includes weddings, anniversaries, bachelorette parties or singles, etc ...

In order to be able to do all these things, the duration of the training can be of two to three years, and the subjects can be 16 subjects quarterly to 26, the basic ones will be the following:

- Organization of events
- Communication workshop
- Public relations
- Introduction of research
- Ceremonial and protocol
- Advertising
- Marketing
- Oral and written communication
- Writing workshop
- Oral communication workshop

However, one of the most important questions for most would be if the organization of events really has an exit, of course, today there are a lot of possibilities. Currently, you can choose where you want to work, whether in public, local and regional institutions or in companies, universities, sports organizations or anyone who organizes them.

This business is still in development, although it has been affected by the crisis. But, the biggest concern of this should be the threats of competition, which seem to have no end, this will force strategic diversification and specialization in some area. Having reached this conclusion, the best decision is to prepare for that, after finishing the studies, you're fully capable of carrying out the main requirements to be a good organizer, which are: to be able to develop, coordinate and evaluate the process s of the organization of events, always based on the uses, rules and customs of the protocols and ceremonies. In order to identify messages ,public and communication channels that influence the work of the organization in which it advises or performs.

As you can see, to study this career you have to be a lover of control, organization and the ability to imagine a big or small party as a result of the verbal description of a person, you should be able to find what you like with just a talk, so you must be very insightful, sociable and observant but above all you have to be creative to be able to fulfill the words and turn them into something real.

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