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Environmental Engineering Career

The study of Environmental Engineering allows to apply the knowledge in the development of strategies by the action of man and nature.

The career of Environmental Engineering aims to provide the tools to prevent and solve the problems caused by man or nature. Environmental Engineers have the capacity to understand, plan and design ways to improve the environment through scientific, natural and human knowledge.

Professionals in the race are involved in promoting the importance of recycling, care of air pollution, soil and sea, develops research in biology and chemistry, supervises engineering works, conducts municipal and business inspections and improvement the quality of the different environments in society.

The graduate in Environmental Engineering demonstrates a great interest in ecology and the environment, has several specializations in the area, develops management plans, participates and knows environmental policies, manages the resources available in laboratories, public institutions, private companies and ecological industries. The race unifies science and engineering to optimize natural resources and care for the world we inhabit.

Environmental Engineering is designed for science lovers, for those who want to eliminate waste, raise industrial hygiene solutions and search for sustainable resources in favor of the human being.

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