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About Education and Training Profession

The transfer of knowledge and skills is central to the Education & Training profession. People in this professional group pass on their own knowledge to others in order to achieve a certain end goal, which depends on the position. Providing training is more focused on learning certain skills, and training is mainly found in business. To be able to work in this profession, knowledge about interaction with people and persuasion is needed.

What is earned in the education and training profession?

How much is earned in this profession depends strongly on the position in which one finds oneself. Education at primary school level simply pays less than at university level, and a professor or school director also gets paid more.

This profession is also named in the following way: education department, training department

  • Close teacher
  • Accordion teacher
  • Deputy Director of Primary Education
  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Department Director
  • Aggression coach
  • General Director Primary Education
  • Ambulatory Educational Supervisor
  • Archivist
  • Ballet teacher
  • Bass flute teacher
  • Business advisor
  • Carillon Teacher
  • Professional choice advisor
  • Human Movement Scientist
  • Biologist
  • Recorder teacher
  • Bongo teacher
  • Forest and Landscape Advisor
  • Bugle teacher
  • Career coach
  • Cello Teacher
  • Classicist
  • Combination officer
  • Double Bass Teacher
  • Child Telephone Coordinator
  • Coordinating Teacher
  • Correpetitor
  • Course coordinator
  • Instructor
  • Dean
  • Dean / Advisor Career orientation and guidance
  • Director of Primary School
  • Director of the Broad School Community
  • Director of Category Education
  • Director of Education Institute
  • Director of Primary Education
  • Director of Special Education
  • Director of Secondary Special Education
  • Diversity trainer
  • Teacher accountability
  • Teacher accountancy
  • Acrobatics teacher
  • Teacher of administrative organization
  • Teacher Advanced Excel
  • Teacher After Effects
  • Agricultural engineering teacher
  • General Security Teacher
  • Teacher anatomy and movement theory
  • Teacher of labor law
  • Teacher of architecture
  • Teacher of architecture reflection
  • Teacher of argumentation
  • Teacher baby massage
  • Teacher in business administration
  • Business communication teacher
  • Lecturer in business economics
  • Business Administration lecturer
  • Teacher of visual arts and Design

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