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Overview About Education and Training Career

The Education and Training career includes all the professions that deal with the education of people and the teaching of a discipline.

Teachers, tutors and instructors transmit their knowledge through courses, lectures, training sessions for individuals or groups, in the most diverse fields: school subjects (such as mathematics, science, literature, foreign languages, music, art, computer science.... ) but also sports, professional training, photography, yoga and much more.

The objective of the work of teachers and educators is to foster learning and develop the skills (cognitive, physical and psychic) ​​of their students, stimulating their imagination and curiosity.

The operators of the Education and Training sector are aimed at people of all ages: from kindergarten educators, to teachers and professors of schools of all levels, to teachers of courses for adults, fitness instructors and sports coaches for children, kids and adults.

In addition to teachers, numerous other employees work in the Education and Training sector: school assistants, librarians, technical-administrative staff, school bus drivers, school canteen workers, educators, psychologists, social workers, who together contribute to daily activities in kindergartens, schools and training institutes.

What types of companies do they hire in the Education and Training sector?

The following are part of the Education and Training sector:

  • The child care: Includes nursery schools and day care centers for the public, private childhood, corporate or non-profit
  • The public and private schools: Divided into preschool education, elementary education, secondary education and post-secondary education ( universities )
  • The training organizations, of all types: From after school to vocational training institutions, academies centers for corporate training
  • The sports and leisure facilities: The swimming pools and gyms that offer courses sports (football, rugby, basketball, tennis, swimming, athletics... ) and fitness classes, yoga, pilates, aerobics, dance etc.

Education and Training - Job prospects

The job opportunities for teachers, trainers and educators have greatly expanded due to the growing importance attached to training in the personal and professional life of people (according to the concept of life-long learning ). There are many people - of all ages and from all walks of life - enrolled in some type of course, for school, work, or personal passion.

This results in the creation of numerous education-related jobs and a great demand for teachers and trainers - both for classroom courses that require the physical presence of teachers and pupils, and for online courses (via e-learning platforms). or in distance learning mode ).

In addition, there is a renewed focus on the quality of school education: This translates into greater attention to the individual needs of students (e. g. pupils with cognitive deficits who need special support ), and the demand for better training to prepare students for entry into the world of work.

Teachers and professors are therefore required to have a higher level of preparation and a willingness to constantly update their skills, in order to face the new challenges in the educational field.

Employment prospects are also good for fitness instructors, yoga, dance, gymnastics teachers, sports coaches and Personal Trainers, thanks to an ever-increasing awareness of the value of sport to keep fit and the benefits of physical activity for health.

What skills are needed for the education and training career?

All professionals who wish to work in the field of Education and Training must first of all have great professional preparation in their discipline. In addition, the following are required to make a career:

Passion for people

The profession of teacher or educator is a job in contact with people, full of rewarding experiences, even if it can be particularly demanding. It requires dedication, perseverance and a spirit of initiative. Teachers need to have a positive and optimistic attitude to guide their students and help them achieve specific educational goals, motivating and encouraging them along the way. To see their pupils succeed and transform their lives for the better.

Interpersonal and communicative skills

Being a teacher requires remarkable skills in establishing lasting and meaningful relationships with one's students, and the ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts that can arise within classrooms or in relationships with students, parents and colleagues. You need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively, even in a multicultural environment, showing respect for every person, child, teenager or adult.

Professional qualifications

Most of the job offers in the field of Education require specific qualifications or professional qualifications to teach the specific discipline: in school and university, technical-professional, sports, musical, artistic, etc.

For example, many teachers are required to have a degree, while instructors often need to have certifications from sports associations or recognized specialization degrees.

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