Editorial Design Career


The editorial design combines the passion for reading with the art of design to create books of all kinds and for all audiences.

What is the editorial design?

Since time immemorial the written word has been put on paper with a format that gave it character and essence.

Over the centuries and the invention of the printing press, editorial design emerged: the art of making books. There are books of all kinds and all kinds, aimed at the most diverse audiences.

The work of the editorial designer is to make the presentation of each book in an aesthetic as well as representative of the book's theme. It's not the same to publish a book of classic literature that one of scientific popularization. The design publishing is the art of giving each book fair and accurate format, with the aim of presenting it to the public in an attractive way.

What does an editorial designer do?

The editorial designers work in the field of graphic communication . Frequently they work in publishing houses, collaborating in the design, assembly and layout of the books of the publishing house . They also work in magazines and newspapers doing design and layout work.

The editorial designers know the publishing market in depth and, consequently, they are able to make decisions regarding the edition or not of a certain book. Some work in advertising agencies, fashion or photography, dealing with catalogs, brochures and all the graphic pieces that are required.

They also work in print shops and some independently, in their own studio or workshop.

Graduates of the editorial design career have a broad working field within the world of graphic communication and have the necessary tools to carry out any proposed project.

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