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Overview About Study of Economics

The study of Economics focuses on the growth and development of wealth management from a country to a company.

The Economics degree is oriented to the management and administration of actions related to the production and consumption of wealth. By creating strategies and decisions at the public level, the economist seeks to find a way to satisfy the wishes of the population and the allocation of resources as appropriate. They are people trained to read economic data thoroughly, interpretive analysis of how the economy evolves both in the national and international sectors and can work within a company or as an intermediary in various situations.

The curriculum includes the economic theory, the main currents of his thought and the techniques of quality and quantity on the capital resources of a company. A graduate in Economics can perform as a social scientist, as an economic or direct researcher in the business sector .

Among its main objectives are the evaluation of projects and their profitability, the preparation of economic and financial budgets for public institutions, the analysis of social phenomena, the knowledge of current markets and the laws that regulate wealth. You can work in a large number of spaces, dedicate yourself to the educational field or to research.

Related Careers

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- International trade economist
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- Labour economist
- Land use economist
- Mathematical economist
- Natural resources economist
- Price economist
- Resource economist
- Risk management analyst
- Territorial resources economist
- Trade economist
- Transport economist
- Welfare economist

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