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Overview About Dermatology Career

Dermatology is a specialty of medicine chosen by those professionals who are passionate about the skin that runs through the human being.

The specialty in dermatology is a choice that can be made by any graduate of medicine who is thinking of a specialization. Its objective is based on the observation, study and prevention of an organ that's considered the most extensive in humans, the skin. At the same time, despite the fact that many people don't know about it, they also learn about hair and nails, and their respective health disorders. As far as the study itself is concerned, in some universities it can be taught in the form of a particular postgraduate course and in other academic institutions it's offered as a specialization. In any case, the professional obtains the title of specialist in dermatology .

It's a career that lasts three to four years, without counting the previous extension of the medical degree, which must be done by all graduates who wish to enroll.

Some of the subjects that can be taught throughout the study are based on the skin and its different peculiarities, the different problems they can present; the types of burns that can be observed. Some subjects also relate skin issues to other organs such as the eyes, the endocrinological, the gastric; as well as issues of degenerative diseases are dictated and others that have to do particularly with obstetric dermatology. On the other hand, others are typical of childhood and old age.

The dermatologists can work in private practice at the same time they can perform their tasks in hospitals or clinics . Some professionals decide to devote part of their time to the development of different research, as well as some are devoted to the field of teaching, to continue to train qualified professionals.

It's a profession with a wide work experience and is considered, within medicine, as one of the best rented specialties.

The graduates of the dermatology career have the necessary skills to perform aesthetic treatments and can perform some particular surgeries related to their profession. The extraction of moles, the treatment against acne, problems with spots in various parts of the body, whether of age or because of the impact of sunlight, all are tasks of dermatologists.

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