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Overview About Decoration Career

Creativity, practicality, efficiency and good taste make decoration an exciting, fun and functional profession in today's world.

Our current way of life has given rise to new professions that have deepened with the passage of time and have become entrenched in their own technique. Although its practice is millenary, its existence as a discipline of study is relatively recent and isn't yet fully extended. The decoration isn't only about giving beauty to the spaces we frequent daily, but also about making them functional to personal needs.

The decorator seeks to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality; seeks to turn our daily places into sanctuaries in which we enjoy spending time. We all have ideas about decoration and the way we like to see our spaces. But one thing is to have an idea and another is to make it a reality. There is the interior decorator : a guide that will bring their professional knowledge and creativity to adapt each place to the taste and comfort of its customers.

Professional decorators can work as independents or work for companies. Some are dedicated to the planning and creation of functional spaces. His work ranges from the general to the particular: the integral design of a house, a trade, a work space; they can act as illuminators, designers, draughtsmen. Some work in film and theater as decorators of sets and stages . The decorators find their work wherever there is a space: restaurants, cinemas, hotels, stained glass windows, offices. They work together with architects and engineers in the integral realization of each project.

The decoration career is much broader than at first glance, and the decorator's job is in all places where people do activities; their creativity, sensitivity and knowledge make a substantial difference that few can define but we can all perceive and appreciate.

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