Customer Service


Overview About Customer Service Career

By the customer service profession is meant the professions that have to do with dealing with clients. Most professions in this group are therefore exclusively focused on answering customer questions and solving problems. Good communication skills and a lot of patience are therefore the most important skills for this profession.

What is earned in the customer service profession?

The average income for someone with a customer service profession is around 2250 euros per month. Hardly are there positions where people are above this salary limit. But the fact that you don't need specific training for the positions within this profession also means low salaries .

Examples for customer service careers are:

  • Aftersales Engineer
  • Archive Assistant
  • Asylum employee
  • Assistant branch manager
  • Au pair
  • Backoffice librarian
  • Chef tour leader
  • Client Advisor
  • Commercial Salesperson
  • Conductor
  • Domain specialist
  • Helpdesk personel
  • Main Conductor
  • Hotel porter
  • It specialist
  • Inbound call center employee
  • Legal Advisor Telecommunications
  • Cashier
  • Customer Advisor
  • Coffee sommelier
  • Linux Consultant
  • Logistics Employee Mobility Industry
  • Employee Tax Office
  • Employee field service
  • Commercial Customer Management Officer
  • Employee Information & Advice
  • Customer service representative
  • Customer service & loan service employee
  • Employee Text Processing
  • University Library employee
  • Media advisor
  • Mediathecaris
  • Museum employee
  • Online Media Specialist
  • Calling power
  • Outbound employee
  • Ouvreuse
  • Paragnost
  • Pension lawyer
  • Pump employee
  • IT project advisor
  • Purser
  • Receptionist
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