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Overview About Contemporary Strategy Career

The Contemporary Strategy career trains professionals to develop short and long-term national defense plans .

The study of Contemporary Strategy seeks to provoke a change in the methods of planning, through values ​​and positive experiences in more evolved regions. This type of techniques improve predictability and the definition of strategic objectives to build a new scenario in the short and long term.

Career professionals have the capacity to act in the face of possible crises, whether at a national, institutional or business environment . The curriculum offers the opportunity to understand the languages ​​that surround a strategy, from different points of view such as the philosophical and the political.

The Contemporary Strategy encourages creative thinking and the practice of special decisions according to each situation. The graduate researches with scientific foundations, in logistics areas and similar disciplines, recognizes the forms and models of action from his job, understands the administrative levels of the State or the private company he represents and has the knowledge for an analysis international, historical and cultural of the region.

The main mission of a Contemporary Strategist is to investigate to have all the information before defining the steps of an action plan.

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