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Overview About Chemical Engineering Career

The chemical engineering applies the chemistry, the physics, the mathematics and the only chemical engineering principles for creating and managing industrial processes that transform raw materials into useful products.

The chemical engineers working with chemicals such as ethylene and polyethylene; use processing methods to create industrial or commercial quantities of new chemicals, biochemicals, medicines, fuels, special materials and more.

The Chemical Engineering over the years has gained ground. At present, it's the sustenance of many industries and that's why it's a career that has become increasingly interesting.

We can start with the more than complete agenda that you have in your course. The professional of this career graduates with an amplitude of knowledge that will grant him the possibility of exploring different areas of the profession. This knowledge also helps when it comes to entering the labor market, since the graduate in Chemical Engineering can perform in the field of education, research or carry out different tasks in organizations or have public functions.

The professionals of this career can work in their country, in a public or private body, or work towards a common good. The Chemical Engineering degree allows the graduate to carry out research to improve land or food on a world scale, for example. Some international organizations request the work of different professionals to work together on social projects, and in this sense, the Chemical Engineer can make his contribution on topics related to the biological or the quality of the production of different raw materials. As well as assessing the environmental impact that working with certain chemicals can have or assist in the physical processes of different practices.

Professional examples available for chemical engineers

- Engineering and process design
- Environmental engineering
- Process safety engineering
- Engineering consulting
- Patent Law and Intellectual Property
- Regulatory Law
- Biomedical engineering
- University education
- Basic investigation
- Basic research on chemical and / or biomolecular principles and methods
- Research and development of processes on new or improved processes
- Research and development of new or improved products
- Processes
- Management of health, safety and the environment
- Start-up of a plant
- Plant operations and process improvement
- Management of a plant
- Management of a company
- Government service in organizations such as the Environmental Protection, Safety and Occupational Health Agency.
- Administration, Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health.

Due to the rigor of their university and postgraduate education, graduates who hold one or more degrees in chemical engineering tend to enjoy a good salary and strong opportunities for professional and salary growth throughout their varied careers.

The chemical engineers work in a variety of industries, including but not limited to:

- Many types of manufacturing
- Discovery and production of pharmaceutical products
- Health
- Engineering design and construction
- Pulp and paper production
- Petrochemical production
- Food processing
- Production of special chemicals
- Microelectronics
- Electronic and advanced materials
- Polymer production
- Business Services
- Biotechnology
- Environment, Health and Safety Industries
- Law
- Law Enforcement
- Public Service

On the other hand, large companies can offer the possibility to the professional, to investigate new technologies through courses or seminars that occur in different parts of the world. This career offers the advantage of incorporating knowledge through the travel experience.

This profession not only trains a person with specific knowledge about chemical, physical and bioengineering variations, but also allows them to be at different times in a process, both in the manufacture or procurement of inputs, in the development of machinery, in the technical area as well as in the quality control.

The graduate of the Chemical Engineering degree has a high capacity to develop in different fields, so his choice is a challenge that must be taken.

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