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Business Sciences Career

The Business Sciences career focuses on the economic analysis and the value of a brand from the organizational point of view.

The study of Business Sciences allows decisions to be taken at complex times at the economic level, taking into account the administrative management and the objectives of senior management. The graduate can take care of all the functions that an effective business management requires according to the needs of the market, recognizes the keys in the commercialization of products and has the foundations to finance a project and increase the value of the brand .

The professional in Business Sciences uses techniques to evaluate the present of an organization, proposes designs and plans that reach the totality of the work teams and assumes the responsibility to achieve the main objectives pre-established by the managers. The career allows to act with intelligence and knowledge in various administrative tasks, provides foundations to advise different areas of a company and focuses the staff in the right direction.

The graduate in Business Sciences can develop their work in private and public organizations, in accounting consultancies, sectors that are related to finances and internal matters in administration. The career has orientations such as Marketing, human resources management and strategic management .

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of studying Business Sciences are

- Possibility of being the one who makes the important decisions.
- Knowledge of the economic market and the value of a brand.
- Possibility of working in the public or private sector.
- It allows an opening to other areas such as Marketing and human resources.
- Improves oral and written expression, in addition to the ability to synthesize.

Disadvantages of studying Business Studies

- Long-term career
- It requires knowing the economic market in great detail.
- Situations of pressure in making decisions that can define the destiny of a company.
- In many cases it requires the confirmation of senior management.
- It's not a race for people who feel uncomfortable in the act of socializing and presenting new ideas.

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