Business Management Career


Overview About Business Management Career

The career of Business Management provides the knowledge to achieve the objectives and effectively manage human and financial resources in a company.

Among the tasks of a Director of Companies is the assumption of risks, facing emergency situations and overcoming the unforeseen situations that the markets present. The profession demands entrepreneurial, competitive students with leadership characteristics.

The curricula of the career combine subjects from the professional area such as accounting, administration and marketing with subjects of general education such as social psychology, English and law, and basic training subjects such as mathematics and computers.

The work sectors where you can develop as a professional are public and private companies, research areas such as chief or consultant in economics, teaching in universities or institutes and the possibility of carrying out a personal endeavor.

Business Management is closely related to the production of goods and services with the aim of achieving results both socially, when it comes to public sectors that affect citizens, and the economic area of ​​a company.

The Director of Companies is a person with the capacity to close agreements and take advantage of the sense of opportunity .

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