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Automotive Design Career

In this article you'll find information about the automotive design communication career, read it to get more knowledge about this business field.
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The career of Automotive Design trains professionals for the creation, development and implementation of vehicular projects.

The study of Automotive Design provides knowledge to coordinate, improve and propose business solutions, with a main focus on the vehicular as the creation of cars.

The graduate knows the various processes involved in the planning and techniques to market the products, communicates directly with the top executives of a company and keeps updated with the most requested characteristics of the market.

The career of Automotive Design has a long duration according to the curriculum and is geared towards people with a wide creativity, with innovation and openness to new tools to develop the techniques required by the automotive industry.

The professional raises his ideas for serial production, has an artistic vision for the design of their models, takes into account the functionality that customers are expecting and the costs necessary to provide competitiveness to a company.

The Automotive Designer can work in companies or industries in the area of ​​research and design, in companies that provide such services and as an independent individual offering solutions as an advisor or consultant. Among the fundamental subjects required by a professional in the area are Mathematics, Physics and Digital Graphics .

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of studying Automotive Design are:

- Possibility of working in public or private sectors.
- Provides knowledge for design and mass production.
- It's a career that depends to a large extent on the talent and creative capacity of professionals.
- It allows working in various areas related to product design.
- Good economic remuneration

The disadvantages of the race are:

- Requires technical knowledge for product design.
- It may demand the need to travel abroad.
- It's a career that involves the study of the market.
- Situations of stress to maintain the competitiveness of a brand.
- It requires the study of areas such as mathematics, physics and digital software management.

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