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Overview About Audit career

The Audit career is based on learning tools and capabilities to manage the accounting of a company. It involves knowing the different organizations from a social perspective, recognizing the sources that allow their regulation and resolving financial situations in an ethical and legal manner.

The Auditor is a professional who is responsible for the accounting, financial and tax information of a company, always respecting the rules established in relation to funds and investments available. It carries out the documentation related to the purchase and sale of products and services, manages the legal points and uses the latest technologies to comply with the audits, which are investigations on the information collected either by internal need or requests from external agencies.

An Auditor is methodical, thoughtful and very orderly during his work. The tasks that it fulfills are finding critical spaces in a company, proposing improvements in the use of economic funds, weighing the information to offer alternative ways, collecting data that affect the budget, setting processes to execute the audits and advising the management area in the decision making.

Study Audit takes four or five years of career, is related to numerical calculations and develops its work in commercial or institutional companies, unions or public sectors, among others.

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