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Overview About Astronomy Career

The career of Astronomy seeks to create scientists trained to study the universe and the evolution of phenomena such as stars and galaxies. The astronomer carries out investigations through analysis of light measurements of the stars using telescopes and other tools.

The professionals in Astronomy are people who question the already known information of the universe and the stars, they remain in search of discoveries that rewrite history. His observations are applied in scientific advances, the exploration of space, the assembly of calendars and the precise knowledge of time.

They analyze physical situations, increase their language, their scientific expressions and their ability to graphically represent the phenomena associated with Astronomy.

The astronomer interprets the firmament through his knowledge based on mathematics and physics . He carries out his work in teaching and university research, in international observatories, institutions dedicated to air navigation, naval and planetary areas.

The graduates of the astronomy career demonstrate a passion for the search of the unknown, they are patient people and used to working in the middle of silent zones. They are methodical and detailed, always in search of deciphering new mysteries.

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