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Overview About Anthropology Career

In the career of Anthropology you'll study the behavior of human beings in different parts of the world, it's a training for people who are fascinated by the different cultural, the different uses and customs and the different ways of living of people in the world.

During this anthropology career you study cultural phenomena and learn a lot about the way in which societies are organized. You also study the physical differences between different peoples. The labor field of anthropology is very broad. The best known areas are social and cultural anthropology, in which you investigate the ways of living and interacting of peoples and communities. But you'll not only study the behavior of human beings in different parts of the world. Anthropology also talks about how the human being has evolved physically and in terms of genetics. This area of ​​research is referred to by the name biological anthropology .

Other factors very related to anthropology that you'll study during this career are the language (how people communicate and how they have changed their languages ​​over time) and archeology. The material remains can tell us a lot about how previous civilizations lived and are an interesting source of information for anthropologists.

Another interesting aspect of this career is that you'll look for relationships between anthropological aspects and issues such as globalization and development.

If you're fascinated by different cultures and want to know how they influence phenomena such as globalization, this is your career.

You can find anthropologists in different institutions and professions. They can work in government entities, in topics such as social development, indigenous languages, etc., in museums, offering training or research services in the university. There are also many anthropologists working in non-governmental organizations on issues such as combating poverty, health, human rights and education. Many times they are jobs for which you have to travel a lot and spend time in other countries.

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