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Overview About Animation Career

The animators are professionals who develop a message or idea through visual language, using different techniques and tool s that relate to art, new technologies, communication, design and computer science .

The animation students prepare for in the future produce animations in films, series and documentaries, corporate presentations, advertising "giving life" to a person or any object whether real or imaginary. Currently the animator is helped with computer programs or specialized software for design, animation and character creation.

The student of Animation acquires extensive artistic knowledge such as drawing, geometry, visual communication, audiovisual language, script techniques, photography applied to animation, lighting, digital image processing, as well as digital sound editing .

Regarding the labor field, the animators have great opportunities thanks mainly to the development of new technologies.

The graduate of the Animation career can work in film production houses, advertising agencies or in the development of video games. Likewise, he can realize consultancies, creations of images in 3D or of focused scripts for any media of audio-visual communication.

What is exactly an Animator?

The Animator is concerned with entertaining guests, often especially children. The Animator draws up an entertainment program and supervises various activities. These activities can be very diverse. Consider, for example, sports and games, but also craft activities and entertainment. The Animator, for example, is involved in a volleyball tournament during the day and organizes an exciting forest game in the dark in the evening.

The Animator is engaged in devising and organizing the activities as well as the actual implementation thereof. The Animator is expected, together with the rest of the animation team, to set up a challenging and creative animation program and to supervise all activities with great enthusiasm. The Animator often works at campsites and holiday parks and offers guests entertainment during their holiday.

Because the Animator usually works on a camping site or holiday park, the Animator's work is highly seasonal. The work mainly takes place during the summer months when most people go on vacation. In addition, an entertainment program will sometimes be set up during the school holidays in the spring and autumn. Many campsites and holiday parks abroad are also looking for Animators and this offers a great opportunity to work in another country during the summer.

What competencies does an Animator career needs?

The following competencies are common in this sector:

  • Creativity
  • Energy
  • Flexibility
  • To organize
  • Collaborate

Animation Related Careers

- 2D animation artist
- 3D animator
- Advertising art director
- Advertising designer
- Advertising illustrator
- Advertising layout designer
- Animated cartoon artist
- Animated cartoon colourist
- Animation artist
- Art layout designer
- Artistic illustrator
- Background artist
- Biological illustrator
- Business forms designer
- Calligrapher
- Calligraphic artist
- Caricaturist
- Cartoonist
- Cartoonist sketch
- Catalogue illustrator
- Cell animator
- Character animator
- Commercial artist
- Commercial design artist
- Commercial designer
- Communication designer
- Computer animator
- Computer graphics specialist
- Content director
- Content strategist
- Cover designer
- Cover page illustrator
- Cybergraphic designer
- Editorial cartoonist
- Electronic games designer
- Fashion illustrator
- Flash designer
- Form layout designer
- Forms designer
- Graphic artist
- Graphic designer and layout artist
- Illustrator
- Multimedia designer
- Multimedia illustrator
- Newspaper illustrator
- Package designer
- Page designer
- Paper securities designer
- Pictographist
- Political caricaturist
- Poster artist
- Scientific illustrator
- Sign designer
- Sports cartoonist
- Storyboard artist
- Title artist
- User experience designer
- Visual Designer
- Wallpaper colourist
- Wallpaper designer
- Web graphic designer

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