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Agronomy Career

Agronomy is an applied science that aims to improve the productive and transformative quality of food and agricultural products .

What is Agronomy and what does the person receive in this career?

The Agronomy or Agricultural Engineering is the race that way professionals in this area. Therefore, an Agronomist is the professional in charge of the management of sustainable natural resources .

The Agronomist is in charge of planning, organizingand carry out research on the use of land dedicated to agriculture. These studies include irrigation control, fertility, agricultural mechanization, as well as drainage. Also, he writes projects of agricultural and genetic improvement, construction, as well as diseases and pests in both animals and plants.

An Agronomist can work in public institutions dedicated to agriculture whether public, private, or educational; in companies dedicated to the production of chemicals, as well as agricultural production; in agroindustrial and agricultural associations and companies dedicated to agronomy in general.

Also deals with a profession that can be carried out autonomously, on one's own behalf or on behalf of others, either in private or public associations or in own ventures.

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