Aeronautical Engineering Career


Overview About Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is the branch of Engineering that's responsible for the study of aircraft, including helicopters and drones as well as the integration of all motorized elements. It's also responsible for the design, planning and execution of aeronautical and airport operations .

Aeronautical Engineering includes many technical and science subjects, and mathematics is one of its pillars, so it's important that you feel comfortable with formulas and numbers.

One of the functions of the Aeronautical Engineer is to analyze and study all the materials that make up an aircraft and perform tests on its duration, temperature and useful life, among others. From these materials the Aeronautical Engineer will be able to select the best materials for each of the elements of the aircraft. For example it's important in the design of the structure used to support all the forces that exist in a flight and at the same time maintain the lowest possible weight.

Works performed by an Aeronautical Engineer

The Aeronautical Engineer can be involved in all sectors related to aircraft, such as the design, assembly, construction, repair and maintenance, supporting factories producing aircraft or spacecraft.

Another area of ​​work is in the study and projection of airports and air bases, and in the design and study of new air transport routes.

What are most required competencies for aeronautical engineering career?

The following competencies are required to properly perform related job duties as an aeronautical engineer:

  • Ambition
  • Analytical
  • Anticipate
  • Energy
  • Critical thinking
  • Dealing with details
  • Results orientation

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