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Advertising training provides tools to maintain customer loyalty, create content that entertains, mix the artistic with the commercial, ability to convey simplicity in words, recognize the type of audience you're talking to, use images according to the message and make the most of the available resources .

The Publisher is able to interpret market news, analyze the demands of customers and communicate in an innovative and creative way the advantages of the latest products and services.

The Publicist has a strategic mentality that allows optimizing the development of communication, recognizes the importance of including the latest technologies and uses persuasion techniques combined with commercial aspects.

The Advertiser designs and produces the campaigns that generate the prestige of a brand, knows the radio and television market and has the knowledge to generate and supervise the edition of each piece of communication .

A publicist working in various public and private spheres, from a media to a producer of audiovisual campaigns, is a career aimed at curious people, with great imagination, good oral and written expression and a broad aesthetic knowledge of art.

Many think that everyone in advertising earns a fortune. Unfortunately this isn't true, although you can earn a lot of money working in advertising, most people aren't millionaires. In fact, most people don't even earn close to a six-figure salary. Most of the people who work in the field started doing free practices and earning the minimum wage.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Advertising

The advantages:

- It stimulates and brings creativity into play.
- Good economic remuneration
- Possibility of working in the public or private sector.
- Knowledge of different editing tools to create the advertising pieces.
- Improve persuasion techniques.

The disadvantages:

Advertising is hard work. Evenings, weekends, angry customers, layoffs, stress and fierce competition make it difficult to survive in the industry for years.

- Extensive labor competence.
- It requires many hours of editing.
- Possible stress situations due to delivery deadlines.
- The challenge of creating original content on a constant basis.
- It requires an artistic knowledge and a great aesthetic taste.

Advertising and public relations

These two industries are commonly labeled as the same profession. While publicity and public relations can go hand in hand, their approach is very different. You can use your advertising skills to get a job in public relations and vice versa, but the fact that you work in an industry doesn't mean that you automatically know everything in the other.

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