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The administrative / secretarial profession has a supporting function. On the administrative level, a lot of work has to do with keeping databases on the computer, invoicing and entering and maintaining data on, for example, payroll processing. In addition to the required computer skills, a great deal of interaction with colleagues and customers is also required. Secretarial people often have the responsibility to handle phone calls, forward or answer mail, and receive guests. People in the administrative / secretarial profession must therefore be able to keep accounts, speak multiple languages ​​and take minutes depending on the position. The combination of computer and communication skills is always central.

What is earned in the Administrative / Secretarial profession?

Persons with a job in the administrative / secretarial profession can receive a low salary due to their support function, especially as starters. It is, however, possible to work at an increasingly higher level in the professional group, and therefore generally also earn good to very good salary.

What types of companies do they hire in administration?

Administration is an area of strategic importance for all types of organizations: large and small, private and public companies, public offices and non-profit organizations, regardless of the sector they belong to, need staff with solid administrative skills.

There are also business consultancy companies, where professionals who are experienced in various aspects of administration and management control find work.

Administration - Job prospects

There are employment trends common to the entire administration sector, while taking into account the differences that may exist between the various sectors of industry and public administration.

First of all, the development of technology impacts on the information management method: from digital archiving, to the use of big data, to the development of office automation applications. This allows you to make the management of data and administrative processes more efficient, and to do the work more quickly and with fewer staff, lowering costs. As a result, the number of vacancies for general administrative employees is reduced, while the demand for professionals with IT and digital technologies is increasing.

On the other hand, the growing complexity and globalization of the economy means that companies increasingly need competent and trained administrative staff, able to support them in administrative processes and in the management of economic, accounting and financial information.

What skills are needed for this career?

Each professional figure who works in the administrative field must have specific skills. However, some skills can be identified that are transversal to different positions, from administrative assistants to secretaries to managers:

Organizational and planning skills

All administration professions require great organizational skills: to manage multiple tasks at the same time, collect a lot of information while maintaining a high degree of accuracy, make the most of the availability on the agenda... In addition, the ability to plan activities is very important, for arrive prepared for the various administrative and fiscal deadlines.

Communication skills

The personnel of the Administration sector work constantly in connection with colleagues and managers, with other company departments and also with customers and suppliers. Communication skills must therefore be well developed, both oral (in person and on the phone) and written, to maintain communication at high professional levels and effectiveness.

IT skills

Administrative processes are increasingly managed through technology: for example, innovative management software for the administrative office, or programs for electronic archiving of documents. Having good IT skills allows you to easily learn how to use the new digital tools and improve your efficiency and competitiveness.

Examples for administrative / secretarial careers are:

  • Administrator
  • Secretary
  • Archive Assistant
  • Archive employee
  • Archivist
  • Assistant controller
  • Backoffice employee
  • Desk clerk
  • Business Economist
  • Backoffice librarian
  • Accountant
  • Bookmaker
  • Concierge / Chief Concierge
  • Data typist
  • Declarant
  • Executive Secretary
  • Documentalist
  • Documentation officer
  • Doctor's assistant
  • Domain specialist
  • Factor
  • Financial Advisor
  • Municipal secretary
  • Education Reasonable
  • Head of Administration
  • Hotel porter
  • HR Assistant
  • HR Officer
  • HR Secretary
  • Information manager
  • Legal Secretary
  • Office manager
  • Credit rating agency
  • Counter
  • Employee Library and Documentation
  • Contract Management Lease Employee
  • Employee Data Management
  • Ledger employee
  • Employee Information & Advice
  • Customer service employee
  • Employee Support Front Office
  • Employee Project Support

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