Point of Sale Terminal


A Point-of-Sale System " POS " terminal is a computer controlled payment system. A classic cash register is intended only to collect goods. A POS system also does it, but it also offers extra information as an indication of the current inventory, customer data and purchase statistics.

The computer payment system can track the data of a purchase channel, but also of all the different types of points or sales channels. In this way, for example, digital loyalty cards can be requested at each branch of an online store. Also, an employee can charge in the physical store an item that has been ordered through electronic commerce.

Exchange between a POS system and ERP software

A point of sale " POS " system gathers certain data, but is almost never alone. Of course, there is a lot of communication between POS systems and ERP software. Both systems benefit from this exchange of information.

The POS manages to see, immediately by pairing with the ERP system, immediately current information about the inventory and planned deliveries. This information can be sent back to the customer through the smart cash register system. In this way, the customer knows if the item he wants has stock or not, or when it becomes available again. These inventory indications can be requested by a clerk of a physical store, but you can also know through the integration of the virtual store with the ERP. All these operations are carried out thanks to the point of sale terminal " POS ", a hardware that's connected to the software and sends information to the system about the sale produced, the inventory, etc., while allowing payment by card. This device is, for example, in the cashier area of ​​any clothing store, specially when paying by card.

The central processes of a company that sells items are optimized with the information obtained from the POS system. In this way, customer data and POS sales statistics are imported, helping ERP software to companies in the fashion sector, to get an idea of ​​ current trends. With this information, the company's stock is managed properly. An additional advantage is that the marketing strategy can be adapted to the type of customers and trends.

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