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Personality Test is a powerful tool, both in the recruitment of new employees and in the development of the individual or a team. We have asked an expert to hear a little more about what personality tests can and can't do.

What is a personality test?

Let me just start by saying that it's OK to now call it personality tests, because it's a common term. But in reality, it's not a test in my opinion, because there is no fact, right and wrong, it's an analysis that draws a picture of your personal profile.

The personal profile is used today in a number of contexts. The most widespread is probably in connection with the recruitment of new employees. But they can actually be great tools in your own self-development or in the development of a team.

How does a personality test work?

Basically, the type of personality test that we use is based on Jung's theories of human psychic structure and personality, which he embodied in a number of archetypes. The test gives you insight into what basic preferences and driving forces you have as a person It brings you closer to an awareness and understanding of your own preferences, and thus what motivates you, what can drain your energy, how you work best with others, and what tasks will come naturally to you.

Can you cheat with a personality test?

Of course, one can understand it, in the way that by responding differently you can appear with a different profile. But what was the purpose? You probably don't know what profile the company is looking for, because it largely depends on the company's culture and the future colleagues that you have to work with.

No, and if you were to get the job, you could easily risk not wanting to thrive either because of the culture or because the employer had other expectations of you. You could end up violence to yourself by constantly should solve tasks that basically drain you of energy, and maybe the process itself is also demotivating for you.

Why use personality tests?

For recruiting purposes, it's a valuable support tool. It's often seen that an employee is hired on his or her skills, but fired on his or her personality because he or she doesn't fit into the organization or the team. Here, a person profile may highlight some things that the interviewer must be aware of getting around and asking for. But it's and will only be a support tool that gives the interviewer some clues to the conversation and to his overall impression and assessment of the applicant.

In addition to recruiting, you should not recognize how strong a support tool it can be in your personal development or in the development of a team. For example, you can use it for:

- To gain clarity on which areas you're strong in and where there are development opportunities.
- What types of tasks are natural to you and which ones you're not comfortable with.
- What motivates you and what drains you for energy.
- How you want to be communicated to and how to communicate with others.
- How a team is put together, how tasks are to be distributed and communicated.

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