Personal Branding Concept


Personal Branding is a concept of personal development is to consider oneself as a brand, that's like trademarks, must be processed, transmitted and protected, intending to differentiate themselves and achieve greater success Social and professional relationships. The concept emerged as a technique for finding work for the first time or as a change of career or profession.

Developing a Personal Brand consists of identifying and communicating the characteristics that make us stand out, be relevant, different and visible in a homogeneous, competitive and changing environment.

A brand is a footprint, a sign, it's what remains when we are no longer present.

When human beings enjoy the same attributes (such as training, experience, aspirations are similar) people tend to be seen as equal numbers so that for the individual promotion of each person, it must be differentiated and displayed differently , unique and unrepeatable.

As in trade, white brands unify the characteristics of the products and make them homogeneous , so that manufacturers tend to promote branded products; Professionals who want to differentiate themselves to increase the value of their work or professional contribution must build, promote, communicate and protect the individual brand.

The concept of personal branding is not about converting people into material objects, but rather, it's about the person not being classified as a curriculum vitae, unnoticed, equal to others, but that the person is seen as different and capable of provide its unique and unrepeatable value.

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