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What are the advantages of a paperless office? Here we give 5 advantages of being a paperless company.

1: Reduced costs

Although printers and copiers have become cheaper than they were 20 years ago, the paperless office can save more money. It will not be necessary to order toner, paper and service on the machines. But it's not just the cost of printing that's gone. You also save on the cost of archiving, as you don't have to spend so much time archiving the large amount of paper you have. Time you and your employees can use to develop the business, because it's not nearly as fun to archive as you think it is.

2: Easy filing

As mentioned in paragraph 1, you save many filing hours away and you're not even missing and missing the main document at a customer meeting. By having your files online or in the cloud, you can always easily find and access your documents wherever you are. Finding the files you need is made even easier by using Microsoft's Delve, which is a search engine that can look into the depths of one's documents. At the same time, it's also more manageable and efficient to find the document that you're just missing than if you had to go through several hundred pieces of paper.

3: Easy sharing

By having your documents online or in the cloud, it also makes it much easier to share documents, files, projects with each other. This applies both across departments, but also across borders if your company is located in several countries. It also results in saving on the cost of postal items. This process can also be optimized by using SharePoint. SharePoint is a platform that can help streamline your company's workflows and collaboration.

4: Increased customer service

Using the easy archiving and sharing across the organization and the time you save by leading the physical paper stacks, you can streamline your workflows and spend the time spent on your core business and customer service.

5: More security

By having your documents in the cloud, your data is also secured against any hardware breakdowns and other technical injuries. While having your data online and using SharePoint, you can also determine the level of access to your files and protect the level of information.

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