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The packaging concept encompasses everything that involves the inclusion or protection of products for distribution, storage and sale. That is, the wrapping, labeling and packaging of commercial items.

In marketing, packaging is a presentation letter for products, so it must focus above all on capturing the attention of consumers and being a communication window towards the user. Presentation of the article is essential as it can determine whether it's a success or a failure. All of this gives the company brand value.

In a market increasingly competitive, the packaging becomes more relevant positioning itself as the best marketing tool.

Packaging design

Therefore a definition of packaging can be the container that protects or wraps a product. It must meet a series of essential characteristics, such as that it must be suitable for maintenance, be made of specific materials, etc. But, nevertheless, the main purpose is to achieve packaging that makes a difference compared to other items.

In the promotion chain, it becomes the last step, being a key element for the customer at the time of opting for one product or another. The packaging not only seeks to awaken the customer's attention, but it also manages to bring its own personality to the product. It should not be overlooked either that good packaging is an element that makes the brand image of a specific item more durable.

Packaging not only contains a product and is used to protect and preserve the content. It's a way of sending a message to the consumer to make a decision at the time of purchase.

There are different factors that manage to give an added value to the product, such as that it's functional, reusable or that it has an original and attractive design.

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