What is Terminology


Terminology is called the set of terms that are used in a specific field (a science, an art, a trade, etc.). These are the words that are characteristic of a given context.

Take the case of medical terminology. This is what the notions used in medicine are called. These terms are necessary to accurately express multiple issues inherent in the activity of doctors and other health professionals.

In medical terminology there are roots that appear frequently. Cardio, to mention one, mentions the heart. Thus, terms such as cardiology, heart disease, cardiogram and cardio-surgeon are formed, to name a few.

The management of certain terminologies is the power of specialists. The accounting terminology, for instance, is wielded by accountants but difficult to understand for the rest of the people. The same goes for the legal terminology that lawyers dominate.

The study of word groups is also known as terminology. In this sense, it's a discipline that's responsible for collecting, describing and analyzing the terms systematically.

The terminology, in this framework, investigates the terms from linguistics and ontology. That's why it's said to be interdisciplinary, since it uses contributions from various areas to carry out its purposes.

In addition, terminology is associated with philosophy. This is because it focuses on how knowledge is organized and observes how concepts are categorized.

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