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A Technology could be defined as application of a set of knowledge and skills with a clear objective: to achieve a solution that allows the human being from solving a particular problem to meeting a need in a specific field.

Based on this meaning, we would find that a wide range of modalities or disciplines such as computer science, robotics, home automation, pneumatics, electronics, urbotic or inmotic can be included within the "sack" of technology, among many more.

The technology is present in all areas of daily life. In one way or another, almost all the activities we do throughout the day involve the use of some technological device.

The notion of technology is linked to the set of knowledge that allow to manufacture objects and modify the environment, which is done with the intention of satisfying some need.

Technology can be understood as the practical application of knowledge generated by science. In colloquial language, however, technology is linked to computer technology, which is what enables the processing of information through artificial means such as computers.

A technological apparatus arises when there is a specific need to be resolved. To find the solution to the problem in question, scientists analyze the matter and work with various materials until they find a way to design an appropriate artifact. After the design of a prototype, it's manufactured. Technology, therefore, encompasses this process, from the detection of the initial need to the specific application of the artifact created.

This breadth allows us to understand that technology, by itself, is neither good nor bad. Technology can be used to improve the productivity of human labor, reduce physical efforts and increase the quality of life of the population, but also technology can cause social differences (according to the acquired technological knowledge), pollute the environment and cause unemployment (workers are replaced by machines).

However, in addition to everything outlined above we also have to make it clear that this isn't the only meaning of the word technology. Thus, it has other meanings, in such a way that in other occasions this concept is used to refer in a general way to the language that's used either in an art or in a science.

And that without forgetting that, in the same way, this term is used to cite the set of instruments, and even industrial-type procedures, which are used in a given sector to perform their tasks.

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