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What is Technicality

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The technical condition is called technicality. It can be said, in this framework, that technicality is linked to mastering or executing a technique: a set of resources and actions that allow developing an artistic or scientific practice.

For example: "He is a chef of enormous technicality who knows the chemical properties of all the ingredients he uses", "The dancer displayed his technicality with an exceptional demonstration of his skills", "I think this actor doesn't have the necessary technicality to play a character with these characteristics ".

The specialized voices that are used in the language of a science, an artistic discipline, etc. are also called technicality. A technicality, therefore, can be a word of a specific area of ​​knowledge.

It's important to mention that technicalities aren't part of colloquial language. This makes, in general, difficult to understand for the common people: "I went to a lawyer to give me advice, but when he spoke he used so many technicalities that I didn't understand too much, " "Economists often resort to technicalities and they don't allow the population to know what they are talking about ", " The biologist presented an essay aimed at the scientific community, with a lot of technicalities ".

The idea of technicality also refers to a detail or dialectical or expressive vericueto that's used for a certain purpose: "The player avoided the sanction thanks to a technical regulation", "I won't allow a murderer to be released by a technicality legal ", " The insurers try to appeal to technicalities to minimize their coverage when an accident occurs ".

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