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What is Knowledge

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The knowledge is a set of information stored by experience or learning, or through introspection. In the broadest sense of the term, it's the possession of multiple interrelated data that, when taken alone, have a lower qualitative value.

Knowledge has its origin in sensory perception, then comes to understanding and finally concludes in reason. It's said that knowledge is a relationship between a subject and an object. The knowledge process involves four elements: subject, object, operation and internal representation (the cognitive process).

The science believes that to achieve knowledge, it's necessary to follow a method. The scientific knowledge shouldn't only be valid and consistent from the logical point of view, but also should be tested by the method scientific or experimental.

The systematic way of generating knowledge has two stages: basic research, where progress is made in theory; and applied research, where the information is applied.

When knowledge can be transmitted from one subject to another through formal communication, explicit knowledge is discussed. On the other hand, if knowledge is difficult to communicate and is related to personal experiences or mental models, it's implicit knowledge.

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