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What is Employability

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Employability is called the set of skills and talents that make an individual in a position to get and keep a job. The notion also refers to what allows a subject to grow and develop in the workplace.

It can be said that employability is the potential of a person. Thanks to its employability, a human being has more or less chances of being hired by a company and, once in it, to progress or then move on to another company that offers better conditions.

Employability, on the other hand, is linked to adaptation. Over time, the demands and needs of the labor market are changing, forcing workers to adapt to the new realities. That's why employability implies the constant updating of knowledge and skills.

The training, both academic and practical, is a central element of employability: men and women who want to advance professionally must have the necessary knowledge to work successfully. In any case, employability also includes other attributes, such as how to interact with colleagues, the ease of working in teams, responsibility and resilience, for example.

It's interesting to note that there are those who differentiate between external employability and internal employability. External employability is associated with the skills required by the labor market in general, while internal employability is related to the specific skills demanded by the company where the employee works.

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