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What is Culture

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The term culture, which comes from the Latin cultus, refers to the cultivation of the human spirit and the intellectual faculties of man. Its definition has been mutating throughout history: since the time of Enlightenment, culture has been associated with civilization and progress.

In general, culture is a kind of social fabric that encompasses the different forms and expressions of a given society. Therefore, customs, practices, ways of being, rituals, types of dress and rules of behavior are aspects included in the culture.

Another definition states that culture is the set of information and skills that an individual possesses. For UNESCO, culture allows the human being the ability to reflect on himself: through it, man discerns values ​​and seeks new meanings.

According to the analytical approach that's followed, culture can be classified and defined in various ways. For example, there are scholars who have divided culture into a topic (including a list of categories), historical (culture as a social heritage), mental (complex of ideas and habits), structural (scheduled and interrelated symbols) and symbolic (meanings). assigned arbitrarily that are shared by a company).

Culture can also be differentiated according to its degree of development: primitive (those cultures with little technical development and that don't tend to innovation), civilized (updated through the production of new elements), pre-alphabeta (has not incorporated writing) and alphabeta (uses both written and oral language).

Finally, it should be noted that in modern capitalist societies there is a cultural industry, with a market where cultural goods are offered subject to the laws of supply and demand of the economy.

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