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The legal psychology includes the study, explanation, evaluation, prevention, counseling and treatment of psychological, behavioral and relational phenomena that influence the legal behavior of people. For that, use the methods of scientific psychology.

Legal psychology is, in short, a work area whose object of study is the behavior of legal actors in the field of law, law and justice. It's a discipline recognized by associations and organizations around the world.

In addition to all of the above, we can determine that legal psychology more clearly is responsible for studying, evaluating and preventing everything that's behavioral, psychological and relational phenomena that influence the legal behavior of people.

Hence, within legal psychology proceed to analyze, intervene and study what is victimology, prison psychology, crime psychology, police psychology and mediation. All this without forgetting that he also works in areas such as child psychology, family and civil, criminal and labor law.

Among the functions of the legal psychologist, are the evaluation and diagnosis of the psychological conditions of the legal actors; the advice to the judicial organs in matters of their discipline; the design and implementation of programs for the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and integration of legal actors in the community or the penitentiary environment; the training of legal system professionals in contents and psychological techniques useful in their work; social prevention campaigns against crime; and assistance to victims to improve their quality of life.

It should be noted that legal psychology has various fields of application. Applied to criminal law, it's responsible, for example, for issuing reports for judges and courts of defendants and victims. As a prison psychology, he studies the personality of the inmates according to psychological methods and assessing their temperamental features. In mediation tasks, on the other hand, it's dedicated to preparing an appropriate context so that the parties can communicate and have greater possibilities of reaching an agreement.

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